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How to teach players to play your game

Hi again from sunny Barcelona! In the post of today I will talk about different ways that players can learn on how to play your game and which one we use in Asteroid Challenge, our first experimental game. The first thing we must have in mind is that is only acceptable that a player leaves our game because that player doesn't like it. But it is not acceptable that a player quits because doesn't understand our game... Having this in mind I will present different ways to introduce players into the game learning curve...!

How to design and build your perfect game landing page

In this post I am going to show how I have built our landing page in Asteroid Challenge and why it is so important for our indie studio. If you want people to download your game, you need to let them know that it exists and this is one of the channels to let them know that your game is live! Having a landing page for your game will allow people that searches through internet to find you, and if so, it's likely that this visitor potentially becomes a game install, a new player! wohooo!

How to display Languages in App Store using Unreal Engine

In the last days I have translated my first mobile game Asteroid Challenge in more than 30+ languages. Then I wanted to display all the languages in the app store in the "languages" description. In this post I will show you how to do that.

Already 2 goals reached with Asteroid Challenge!

Hello all, today I wanted to share with all of you some amazing news, regarding Asteroid Challenge!

The very first cent

It all started on 31st of August when in checked the Google AdMob and saw that my first €0,01 was earned. You wouldn’t believe how happy I was, even if it was just one cent! It was practically something that you lose from your pocket on daily basis. But I didn’t lose it. I earned it  with Asteroid Challenge and got a huge motivational boost! I know it was just a cent, but it was also the beginning of something great, showing me that everything is possible. It showed me, that my dreams to have my own developing games studio are becoming a reality. I remember thinking about it like it’s gold!
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