Our first 7 challenges to overcome

July 3, 2017 Pavo Man Miscelanea
Indie games adventure begins

Hello and welcome to Pavo Studios. We are a very small indie games studio, founded on 1st July 2017 by Luis Moral. The gaming market has changed drastically during the last years, as a result of fast mobile phones development. Therefore what previously were browser games, are now mobile games. We would like to share our process of creation and growing with all of you, who are interested in mobile games.

During our path to success, we want to share our learnings, plans, mobile launches, techie we use and what we are currently doing. We hope our experience and learnings will be useful to you. We want to encourage others to begin exploring mobile games industry, learn with our games studio and even grow their own business.

Which are the first 7 challenges to overcome, for growing in indie games industry?

  1. Which tech do we use? We want to build indie mobile games for Android and iOS. Shall we go for cocos2d-x, unreal or unity? Do we really need a backend?
  2. How do we measure our success? Analytics?
  3. How do we prototype a mobile game? How fast are we?
  4. Marketing? huh, what’s that? How do we drive players to play our games?
  5. Mobile games art? How do we decide if something looks good enough?
  6. Gameplay and game design. How do we test our idea?
  7. Community and how to deal with it?

Those are the questions we will encounter in our way, as we plan our way to the top. We will have to learn, experiment and research. And we want to share our story live with you.

So, if this is something you wonder as well, keep an eye on our blog and our company, subscribe, comment and join us, as we countinue our great adventure.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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Pavo Man
Pavo Man

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