About pavo studios

Pavo Studios is a mobile games studio, founded by Luis Moral in July 2017. We love to create new mobile games, and what is even more important, we love to learn about any subject, have fun and seek for new opportunities. We are based in Barcelona, Spain, but we collaborate with talented individuals from all over the world.

The origin

Luis took his first step in this industry in 2008, by founding a company named Bitroit. It was a software company, which also built online games. Bitroit launched a game Pandimus, that later on was revamped to Heroes of Imperia, a browser based MMORPG. The game was just not good enough, but in conclusion the experience was great. The company was later closed in order to finally move to new challenges.

Learn more and try again

After 7 years of enthusiastic game-based learning, Luis decided to have a second chance in game industry by founding a mobile games studio in 2017, and naming it Pavo Studios. The gaming market has changed drastically during the last years, as a result of fast mobile phones development.  Therefore what previously were browser games, now are mobile games.

Our first game

Since 1st of July we have been working hard on our first game, Asteroid Challenge, a real time arcade space shooter. The story of Asteroid Challenge is to defend your damaged spaceship from waves of asteroids and escape the galaxy. In order to escape you will need to repair your spaceship. Our main goal with Asteroid Challenge is to learn about how the market and the tech currently work for future games.

The future

We look into the future with a lot of hope and enthusiasm. The idea of having such a challenging mobile games market in front of us, is making us thrive to succeed. Currently we are working on several new things to bring you the best of us. We want to grow steadily and properly over time, and most of all, we hope that you’ll be a part of our story.


Pavo Studios team has several years experience working on video games and projects. Here are some members of our core team.


Luis Moral

Founder and developer


Family and Friends

Testing and feedback



Marketing, Assets, Translations


Pavo Man

Mascot and blogger

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