How to display Languages in App Store using Unreal Engine

September 20, 2017 Pavo Man Miscelanea

The goal

In the last days I have translated my first mobile game Asteroid Challenge in more than 30+ languages. Then I wanted to display all the languages in app store in the “languages” description.

The problem

The problem was that it would only display English language. After researching, tweaking configuration options in the project and in the store, asking in UE4 official forums and in dev groups in reddit I didn’t manage to get it working. It was a big waste of time and I felt very fustrated. After some more time researching I saw another project in UE4 in github that had this done… and voilà!

In this short post I will try to make it easier for those that face the same problem and explain how to fix this. Hopefully I’ll help you waste far less time than I’ve wasted on doing a simple task, as is just…displaying languages in app store.

The solution

First, you have to know, it’s not a setup in the App Store that you just click and it displays the languages. It comes in the metadata of your application. This means that your “.ipa” file should already contain that metadata information, and only then, the app store will be able to read it and display it. So let’s configure your UE4 project to solve this!

According to the official docs, you have to add the language locales to the field CFBundleLocalizations in the plist doc in your project. How to do this?

So let’s go for the solution, step by step:

  1. Go to your project settings
  2. Go to platform settings and press iOS
  3. Go to Extra PList Data block and you will find the field Additional PList Data.
  4. In there you must add the value, like this:


And here you have a screenshot of the solution!


If this was interesting to you, it might be for others. Spread the word :)
Pavo Man
Pavo Man

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