Already 2 goals reached with Asteroid Challenge!

September 10, 2017 Pavo Man Marketing
First euro earned

Hello all, today I wanted to share with all of you some amazing news, regarding Asteroid Challenge!

The very first cent

It all started on 31st of August when in checked the Google AdMob and saw that my first €0,01 was earned. You wouldn’t believe how happy I was, even if it was just one cent! It was practically something that you lose from your pocket on daily basis. But I didn’t lose it. I earned it  with Asteroid Challenge and got a huge motivational boost! I know it was just a cent, but it was also the beginning of something great, showing me that everything is possible. It showed me, that my dreams to have my own developing games studio are becoming a reality. I remember thinking about it like it’s gold!


First cent made with Asteroid Challenge

First cent made with Asteroid Challenge


…And First Euro!

However… fast forward to 10th of September. Here it is! A second goal achieved – first €1,00 made with Asteroid Challenge! We made it and this is a true victory, even though still small.


First Euro made with Asteroid Challenge

First Euro made with Asteroid Challenge

I am not completely sure, if I am just really slow, or if I should consider that I’m not reaching my goals. However, this €1,00  shows me growth and shows me that I can do it. So it happened again, a completely fresh boost of morale!

From here I get some learnings:

  1. There are 2 peaks, one smaller and one huge, and I’m not completely sure why.
  2. I am going down after the second peak and it’s not something stable. I still don’t know why .

And some challenges:

  1. Go for a new peak, a bigger peak!
  2. Try to make the income stable, this means, improve the game? invest more in marketing? cheat myself and draw it with paint to keep me motivated? (kidding).
  3. Research on marketing! Or even better, hire someone in marketing so I can focus on what I know how to do

And here’s the next challenge…

The 10 Euros challenge! I will post you all when I reach the first 10 Euros and we will celebrate together our third victory in this very long run!

Thanks for reading me and if you haven’t already – check my previous post about launching Asteroid Challenge for Android and iOS!

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Pavo Man
Pavo Man

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