The foundations of a good games studios

July 7, 2017 Pavo Man Miscelanea
Planing a good games studios

After standing in front of our first 7 challenges to overcome for growing our company, we took some time to think about what should be done first.  In this post we will mention, which are the two main challenges and foundations from our point of view to become a good games studios. The product and marketing.

The product

At first we have to look at our mission:

Our mission is to create mobile games that are challenging and fun. We believe that gaming is for anyone and that anyone can be a gamer. You just have to find a game that is made for you!

The startup curve

We want to build attractive mobile games. We know how to build mobile games, but do we know how to make them attractive? At this point we need to ask ourselves:

  1. Are we good enough?
  2. Are we fast enough?

The answer for both questions is probably not. And here is the point, where the challenge of keeping ourselves motivated kicks in. The startup curve starts making sense. Reality sets in and we start thinking and experimenting about our long-term future. And it’s all for the greater good of becoming a really good games studios! What should we do, to reach that happy face on the curve again with our product? What should we do to become a good games studios?


We will try to prototype our idea very fast, so we can test it with friends and family, since they are our main ( and only…) source for now. And we will thank them for that 🙂  At this point graphics don’t matter, nor does the quality of code. What matters the most is the idea. If we need to change things, we will. The graphics and coding, we will even upgrade the idea.

Since currently I am just a ”one man band”, I do what I know best. Dreaming about future and puting a lot of code in it 🙂

My friends and family (that’s why I talk as “we” all the time), will bring me back from my dreams to reality, if necessary. The rest, which is art and assets, I buy directly from the unity store or from unreal marketplace.


We want to build our mobile games as iterative and incremental. Building a story of Pavo Studios with delivering better games continuously is our main focus. So if we deliver something to the market, even a very simple game, our motivation will increase. The next game will have more features, better graphics and will hopefully be more fun – and challenging ;). Once in the market, even if we don’t have idea about marketing, analytics, etc… we are just there and the wheel is moving. We can learn  in the meantime while doing our next, better version of a mobile game.


Here’s the second battle I must face in parallel. I admit I have no idea about marketing, and what’s even worse, I don’t know anyone who knows about marketing to help me.

Researching through my best friend Google, I have felt in this life-saver resource. Reading through her posts and other posts on internet, I got pointed that most (>90%) of the indie companies fail because they don’t do marketing or they do at the very last day when they are out of resources.

So here are questions about marketing, to think about:

I have a great game, but no one knows about it. How to change that?

By encouraging people to like and play my game.

How can I encourage people to play my game?


So what are the steps we need to take, to start marketing our mobile games?

  1. Build a landing page for each of the games we build.
  2. Build a trailer and place it in YouTube.
  3. Get screenshots.
  4. Setup a presskit.
  5. Setup a blog.
  6. Start to research marketing strategies, so we can choose the right one.

So, just start doing your marketing, even before your game is launched, so when it is launched, some people will already know you from the very first day!

Hopefully, with all this blog content being online, some people will read it and hear about me and my new company. Hopefully we are on a road of becoming a really good games studios!

Thanks for reading US. 😉

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Pavo Man
Pavo Man

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