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July 21, 2017 Pavo Man Marketing
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In this post I will explain what’s my indie game marketing strategy to make the game more reachable and known to the world. First of all, I am a developer and I must admit I have limited knowledge in marketing, especially indie game marketing. So my first step is to brainstorm and research. Here comes a list of 10 possible ways and ideas to market my games, sorted by what I like the most:

1.Build your landing page and SEO

This is my favourite one. The idea behind is to have a website, so people can reach us and launched games in a organic way. So if someone uses Google to search for related acticity, he/she can find me. When someone finds me, I want to make it easy to him/her to spread the word. So to get people engaged and helpful with sharing, I made this:

  1. : Main website of Pavo Studios. This is the entrance to our games, about company info, blog posts, presskit and other.
  2. The presskit. If someone wants to publish my game or vene talk about in their blog, he can access to screenshots, videos, descriptions and icons very easily.
  3. Here I can share my thoughts about me and my company that might be useful to other people.
  4. Landing page of my first game. It must be blazing fast so people can open it on mobile even with really bad internet connections.

2.Build a blog

This one of the ways I enjoy the most. On my blog I can share my thoughts with the world. I can share the whole story behind our games. It’s all about developing, testing games, strategizing for growing indie dev company and even talk about indie game marketing etc. It makes me feel less alone and I honestly think, this will help many others on their way of developing Android and iOS mobile games.

The most important thing about that blog is, that other people, especially other newbies (or even newly founded companies) can find a bunch of useful information. They can follow me and if so, they might spread the word that I exist. The challenge with running a blog is to keep readers interested by posting really useful information.

3.Press release and reviews

This indie game marketing strategy is a great way to get people’s attention to your game. I’ll try this soon and I’ll let you know how this worked. I believe that if I manage to get reviews of my games, I will get some good installs by people, who are trully interested. This will take a lot of effort, since you have to make a great press release and post it to review sites personally. They might oversee you, if you don’t do it interesting enough – and we don’t want to be overseen! If you want to try, here is a list of review sites that I have found (I have to sort them out and eliminate duplicates):

  1. List of 100 mobile game review sites
  2. List of 200 app review sites,
  3. Spreadsheet of app/game review sites

4.Influencer marketing

I honestly have some big expectations with influencer marketing, since influencers are being a popular way to reach out and get people engaged in last couple of years. This might be one of the most promising indie game marketing strategies to use. The idea behind influencer marketing is to comunicate with different type of influencers on different social medias. But who is an influencer? Someone, who already has followers. He/she plays and reviews your game and possibly post about it and show it to his/hers followers.  They already have segmented the population and if they say that your game is cool, their followers will try it. So I must find influencers that play our kind of games and talk about it. I still have to research more about this and see how much this might cost.

For example, if a youtuber that plays games like asteroid challenge, has 3000 followers, if he/she shows a video playing my game and talks about it, I potentially can reach up to 3000 people… sounds good eh? We will see how it goes in practice.

5.Be active on social networks

Yes, no matter what you do, you have to build your social empire. Create a page on your preffered scoial media. No other indie game marketing strategy will give you so much opportunities to actually make your own community. For the start I chose Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Twitch, LinkedIn and Instagram. Start engaging with others, posting interesting stuff and build your brand. Give yourself a couple of weeks and see where it leads you. I’ll be eliminating those social medias which won’t be showing enough results later. Even if this part the most difficult for me, because I am not used to use social networks, I believe that having followers/online family will get us some quick installs and most importantly quick reviews, so we can fix things and build better versions. It might be good to even consider hiring someone for social media setup and content planing.

6.Be active on forums

This is a bit similar than the one before. Use places like Reddit to get yourself known. Don’t use it for direct marketing campaigns, just use it like you would be using a good old forum.  During development or post development phase, you can actively post and engage with other users. There are interesting channels in reddit like /playmygame, /indiegames, /IndieGaming, /gamedevscreens, /LetsPlayMyGame, /SmallAwesomeGames that might be worth to give a shoot.

I have even read that a guy could get around 100k installs only from reddit, but I don’t know the trick and I can’t find the post back neither… So this is currently a myth, but I’ll work my best to break it! 😀

7.Post my games in online magazines

I am not really sure if this indie game marketing strategy would be effective for new installs as most gamers use YouTube or even Reddit to find new games. But this might help to get backlinks to my website as a part of an off-site SEO. I have to research about useful pages where I can post. It might be interesting to invest in a banner for these kind of magazines.

8.Apply for awards

This is one of the least exciting for me, but I am sure that it is one of the most effective methods. I don’t like much to travel and even less to talk in public, so that’s a downside… however I think it’s one of the most effective, because awards always enhance credibility of your game. Also many people follow this kind of contests, there might be potential users if your game is good enough to reach visibility in contests.

9.Do online development through an streaming platform

For the same reason than before (I truly don’t like to talk in public…) this one is probably the option I like the least. In any case, this option seems to be kind of interesting, since you involve your community in the creation of your game, like adding features that some fan asked… I will post the results if I ever do this.

If you are interested, Twitch is an interesting platform to do it.


This is the most discouraging option to me. In the past when Pandimus/Heroes of Imperia was alive, I used that method very often. If you are not extremely good at this and you spend a lot of time experimenting, it is like a slot machine. You put money in and it is burnt in 10 mins and almost nothing comes back. Probably at some point I will have to go this way, but if so, I’ll definitely hire someone that knows how to do it…

Also this method is extremely overcrowded, people se the same add multiple times etc. I am not very happy about it, but maybe it was just a bad experience.


I hope this helps you and thank you for reading!

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