Tools for developing mobile games

July 14, 2017 Pavo Man Miscelanea
Tools for developing mobile games

A couple of days ago, we wrote about deciding on which game engine to use. Today we’re going to sum up our bunch of tools and other important accesories for developing mobile games and running a mobile game company.

Game engine

As we’ve mentioned it before, I chose Unreal Engine for developing mobile games. That was the most difficult decision, especially because I am not coming from videogame industry. Therefore I had no idea what to expect from a game engine.

As a short summary I had to experiment with Unity, cocos2d-x and Unreal before last decision. So basically I went for Unreal because of its blueprint system. It also seemed to me, that you can do the most spectacular stuff (yes I know, I am a dreamer). It has a very cool editor and it also allows me to target the widest range of possible platforms, although mobile is my main goal right now.


To get Pavo Studios reachable online, we have chosen to build different websites. In brief summary, we chose platform WordPress for main site (you’re currently on this site) For the landing pages for our games, we will go for just html+js+css. With that we can hit a very high page speed, but nothing fancy really. For building my presskit I decided to go dopresskit(), which is built in php.


Testing is one of the most important things while developing mobile games. To test the prototypes and final releases I have chosen my friends and family as my tools… Yes, they have many different types of smartphone that I wouldn’t be able to pay right now. To my family and friends, sorry if I made you feel like a piece of meat… But that makes you more of my team mates than anything else 🙂

Monetisation and tracking

In order to make money, and be able to survive on a long term, we are going to use admob for ads in my game. For tracking we are using google analytics. We were looking at Firebase but left not very convinced since we had some tech issues while testing it.

Other tools

To manage our stuff, like expenses or things that we find interesting we use google spreadsheets. For uploading files to our shared server, we use any kind of ftp tool like fillezilla or cyberduck. Work is made on Windows for most of the time.

Collaborations and external resources

Since I am a specialised engineer, actually a Java software engineer (congrats to me, as I’m not even using Java at all, the main thing I know haha), I don’t know how to draw and I don’t know many other things. So I use unity asset store and unreal market place as a main place to get my assets. Also I use to get external help, like a wordpress specialist to tune my main site, artists for logos, and I will probably even get people to translate my game or do more specialised marketing.

I hope in this post, we give you more clarity and ideas on how I will try my adventure!

Thanks for reading!

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Pavo Man
Pavo Man

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